Self-Serve Onboarding. 

Here’re the steps to bulk upload the data to your Qapita Account. 

  1. Sign in to your Qapita Account
  2. Click Settings on the left menu and select Bulk Upload
  3. Select the Template you want to update (Template explanations are stated below)
  1. Mark Separation via Bulk Upload
  2. Stakeholder – Individual
  3. Stakeholder – Institutional
  4. Share Issuance Transaction
  5. Convertible Issuance Transaction
  6. Warrant Issuance Transaction
  7. Share Buyback Transaction 
  8. Share Transfer Transaction
  9. Share Class
  10. Convertible Class
  11. Warrant Class
  12. User Invitations
  13. Employee Option award Bulk Upload 


    4. Click on Download Template or Download Template with Data (If you want to add or modify the data already present)

    5. Update the template and upload the modified template. If there are any errors, the system will let you download the error spreadsheet. Please make corrections in the uploaded file and begin the uploading process.   

    6. Upload the Support Documents if any. 

    7. Submit data to system.