Capturing historical transactions is a key step as part of the onboarding process, and in the course of ongoing administration. Bulk upload functionality allows you to capture large amounts of data for various transaction types in a single file import.  

  1. Sign in to your Qapita Account
  2. Click Settings on the left menu and select Bulk Upload
  3. Select Share Issuance, Convertible Issuance,  Warrant Issuance, and/orShare Buyback Transaction template(s)  
  4. Stakeholder, Date of Issuance, Price per share, Share class, No. of shares, Price per share and Currency are mandatory columns. You may choose to add columns such as Additional Comments, Tags, Certificate Code and Certificate Documents.  


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        5. Scroll down and Select Download Template or Download Template with Data

  1. Download Template : to download the template with no data. This is preferable if you are uploading the data for the first time.   
  2. Download Template with Data : to download the template with existing data. If you choose to add new transactions to the already existing data or modify the existing transactional data.  

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        Update the Excel downloaded with all the mandatory information.  


    6. Save the File

    7. On the Bulk Upload page of your Qapita Account, please click on Upload File at the right bottom of the page. Click on Choose File and upload the saved file for Share Issuance/Convertible Issuance/ Warrant Issuance/ Share Buyback Transactions  


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  1. When the file is uploaded you can see the green dot against the file.
  2. If there are any errors on the Spreadsheet, you can see the number of errors on the sheet under Errors and click on Download Error Spreadsheet to make the changes and upload it back. 


        8. Click on Next

        9. Upload Support Documents if any. You can view these documents uploaded in the transactions against the respective stakeholder. 


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To view these documents uploaded on the application, click Ownership on the left menu and select Transactions.  


        10. Click on Save

        11. Review all the details and click on Close.