Cap Table Dashboard provides an overview of ownership details of your company. 

This section will give you an overview of the following: 

  1. An overview of a total number of investors, fully diluted shares count, total cash raised, and current valuation with last round price. Users can switch between Cap Table overview and Proforma Cap Table. 
  2. An overview of funding round that the company had raised so far in tabular format. 
  3. A visual depiction of company’s journey so far. 
  4. A visual depiction of top 5 investors along with others with their ownership percentage. 
  5. A visual depiction of percentage that each security class holds. 
  6. A quick actions component that helps you to navigate to various modules. 

Every component below is a widget and editable from Dashboard configurations 

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Summary of each component on Cap Table Dashboard: 

Cap Table Overview / Proforma Cap Table: 

The default view of this component is “Cap Table Overview”. You can view the summary information related to:

a) No of Investors on the cap table (this count is unique).
b) Fully Diluted Shares count.
c) Total Cash Raised so far by the organization.
d) Current valuation of your company along with last round share price. 


Proforma Cap Table: Proforma Cap Table allows you to preview what your Cap Table may look like in events like the conversion of convertible instruments or the exercise of ESOPs. 

Under this Proforma Cap Table, you can view the information related to:
a) No of Investors
b) Total Diluted Shares
c) Total Cash Raised 


Overview of Funding Rounds:  

This widget displays the data related to different funding rounds that were raised along with Transaction Date, Price Per Share, Cash Raised and Post Money Valuation at security class level. 

You can sort and download the data. Download is available in PDF and Excel formats.  


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Issuer’s Journey So Far Chart: 

This widget displays a graphical presentation of company's Journey. Data points are based on the Overview of Funding Rounds table.  

Hovering on marker, you can see the Share Class name, Share Price, Transaction Date (as per marker position on the graph), Investment Value and the Top Investors. 

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The chart’s data can be visualized by Share Price or By Valuation. The chart can be downloaded into PDF or PNG by clicking on the download option (right beside "By Valuation”). 

Share Class and Stakeholder Summary: 

This widget provides a graphic representation of the % composition of each security class and top 5 stakeholder share  

To view the % of each class, point the cursor on the different colours in the graph. You can read more about this in the Stakeholder documentation. 

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Quick Actions: 

Elements or options (hyperlinks) in this widget helps you to navigate to specific module directly from the dashboard. 

Note: Quick actions helps you navigate to different screens under Ownership (Left Pane) and Reports module. 

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