Check out some of these frequently asked questions about the Bulk Download of Grant Letters/ Share Certificates.


1. Who will have access to Data rooms # Equity Awards, Transactions.


Admin and the user with administrator custom role.


2. Can Admin user Edit / Delete these Data rooms?


No. Since these are system generated data rooms, no one will be able to delete them.


3. When will the data rooms for Equity Awards & Transactions in the Documents be created?


Immediately after the issuer is created.


4. Will it show all the documents I uploaded to an Award or Transaction?


 No. Only the documents that are uploaded as certificate documents are displayed.


5. Will custom roles also have access to these two data rooms?


Yes, but the custom role must have access to Transactions only then the Transactions data room is visible. The same applicable for the Equity Awards data room.


6. At what status of Grant Award (Draft, Pending for Approval etc.,) will the grant letter get saved?


Immediately after the creation of the award, the letter will appear in the data room. Every time there is a change to the letter it gets replaced. For instance, if the grant letter is signed by the signatory, it will immediately get replaced. 


7. Do we have the ability to search and sort within the system generated Data rooms?


 For now, No. We might implement it soon.