You can download all or multiple Grant Letters/ Share Certificates via Bulk Download functionality. Please note, to bulk download the grant letters/share certificates, you must have an administrator access or a user account with custom role having access to documents. 

You can refer to USER ROLE support article to learn more about Custom Roles. 

  1. Sign in to your Qapita Account
  2. Click Documents on the left menu 

3. Click Download icon under the Action column corresponding to Equity Awards


  1. When you click the Download icon, it will download a Zip Folder containing all the grant letters for Option Awards, SAR Awards & Share Awards. You can right click on the zip folder to extract all the grant letters.

      b. When you click the Eye icon, it will direct you to the Data Room and you can then download the Zip Folder for                Option Awards, SAR Awards & Share Awards separately. 

Similarly for Transactions, upon clicking the eye icon you can see different folders as shown below.