As employee, you can realise your gains on your awarded options that are vested. You will first have to exercise your vested options to receive shares.  

How to Exercise Vested Options? 

  1. 1. Sign in to your Qapita Account 

  1. 2. Click on Equity Awards on your Left Menu 

  1. 3. Click on Exercise Options 


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  1. 4. On the Exercise Page – Enter your Personal and Nominee Details and click on Next 


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  1. 5. On the Exercise Page, enter the required number of options you wish to Exercise. If you wish to Exercise all your Vested options, select “Yes” or Select “No” and enter the preferred number of options under Exercise Quantity instead..  



Click on Show Tax Simulator to view the estimated tax payable on the Exercise based on tax rate selected by you. It will automatically calculate the tax payable and display the below information for illustration purposes. 


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Click on Exercise Summary to confirm the Exercise Amount that is payable. The payment will need to be made to your employer in order for you to be able to finalize your exercise request. 




Verify the details on the Exercise page and click on Next. 


  1. 6. On the Payment Details page, provide the confirmation details of the option cost payment you’ve made and proceed to confirm your exercise. You must enter the Transaction Reference Number you may have received from your Bank following your payment to the company. Update the Transaction Date, Bank Name, Branch and the Type of Account and click on Next. 


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7. Review Exercise is the final step to submit your exercise for approval. 

Note: Once the exercise request is approved, you cannot cancel the exercise. To cancel the exercise request before it is approved, you must contact your company administrator. 


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Upon verifying the options and the amount Exercised, please review your personal, nominee and payment details again. Confirm by checking the box and clicking Submit. 



  1. 8. You will receive a pop up that will outline the remaining steps before your Exercise request is completed. You will receive an email notification whenever the status of your Exercise is updated.  



View Exercise Requests Lists  

QapMap allows employees to track all the Exercise Requests submitted on the account.  

You can access this information by clicking on Exercise Requests Lists on the Equity Awards Page.  





Note: the “Exercise Options” menu will be visible to you only when your company admin enables it. If you have any questions about your ability to exercise, please reach out to your company administrator.