When you receive equity awards as per your company’s ESOP policy, you will receive an invitation email from Qapita. Follow the steps below to accept your grant.  

1. Click Accept Option Awards in the email you receive from Qapita.

2. Sign up if you are accessing platform for the first time or Sign in to your Qapita Account. 

3. You will need to access your Pending Tasks. For this, you can one of the following: 

  • Once logged in, you will be redirected to Your Pending Tasks that displays the latest equity award grant.

  • Altternatively, click My Tasks in the dropdown on the top right corner. r P

4.  Click Review & Sign Award.

5. The Review Grant dialog box displays the details of your grant such as grant date, exercise price, number of instruments granted, and you can review your grant letter. You may then click on Sign Grant 

  1. To add or view nominee details, click Nominee Details. In the displayed dialog box, enter the details. The Nominee Details tab is only displayed if your employer or the admin has enabled this option for the grantee to view or add the Nominee fields while accepting the grant.  

6. When you click on Sign Grant, the following dialogue box is displayed. You can review the document and click on Proceed to Sign.

NOTE: If there is any trouble loading the document, please click on Trouble loading the Document Click Here on the top right corner. This will reload the document on a separate tab at a much faster rate. 

7. Click on Agree to give your consent to sign the document electronically as per Sign Easy's Terms of Service

8. You will receive the below pop up after e-signing the document.