The dashboard that displays only the data belonging to the stakeholders associated with his user account is known as Individual dashboard. 

The first screen you see upon logging into QapMap is the Dashboard. The QapMap Dashboard provides a visual summary of the following data points: 

a. Summary of your Equity Awards:

b. Your Equtiy Awards 

c. Model Value of your Equity Awards 

d. Model Value of your Shares 

e. Value of Option Awards  

f. Overview of Valu of your Equity Awards, Your Shares, Value of your Shares 

g. Announcement section 

h. Closing Market Price (In case of Listed Company) 


Here is a summary of each component of the dashboard. 

Summary of your Equity Awards: 

This section provides you with a summary of Equity Awards you currently hold. It also gives you the breakdown of Outstanding Units, Granted, VestedUnvested awards, Exercised, Lapsed, Surrendered, Cancelled and Requests Pending for Approval along with Value of your outstanding units, Value of vested units, and Value of unvested units. 

Note: If you hold more than one type of award then you can switch between the types by clicking on the drop-down and select the award type to view the data accordingly. (Highlighted in red) 


Equity Awards with Ownership 

This section provides a graphical representation of the % composition of your Equity Award Ownership (vested and unvested) along with the breakdown of Vested and Unvested awards.  

To view the %, move the cursor on associated colors in the graph. 

Note: The default view of this widget is “By Holdings” which gives you the breakdown of the units. By selecting “By Value”, you can view the estimated value of your equity awards. (Highlighted in Red). 


Model Value of your Equity Awards: 

This section provides the current outstanding awards (vested and unvested) along with the share price configured by the administrator. 

By adjusting the Valuation Slider or Changing the Market Price, you can instantly view the estimated value of your outstanding awards, the exercise cost, and the potential gains (pre-tax). 

Note: Admin has the ability to configure by share price or by valuation. 


Model Value of your Shares: 

This section provides the ability to check your total count of shareholdings along with the share price configured by the administrator. 

By adjusting the Valuation Slide or Changing the Market Price, you can instantly view the estimated value of your shares.  

Note: Admin has the ability to configure by share price or by valuation. 


Value of Option: 

This section provides a summary view of total value of options granted, current value of the outstanding awards, value of the vested options, and the % of growth. 

Clicking on view more option, you can view the details at grant level. 





Overview of Valu of your Equity Awards, Your Shares, Value of your Shares: 

These three are Individual components which capture the Value of Equity Awards and Shares that an award holder holds along with the total count of the Shares. 

Note: The value of equity awards and shares are based on the Share Price configured by the Admin 



Announcement section: 

This section helps to convey the organizational announcement to its employees or Individual users on Qapita Platform.  


Closing Market Price: 

This section offers the specific Closing Market Price details of the associated stock exchange for the specified day along with the % increase or decrease in the price.