The Summary report provides a detailed status of all current options at the grant level.  


Using this report, you can view: 

  1. 1. Status of one employee or a group of employees 

  2. 2. One or multiple award plans 

  3. 3.Status of grants 


To generate the Summary Report: 

  1. 1. Click Reports in the left menu. By default, all standard reports available in QapMap are displayed. 




  1. 2. Click Generate Report against Summary Report. 




  1. 3. Click  to change the As on date of the Report. By default, the report is generated for the current date. 

  1. 4. Click Employee Name to select one or more employees. 

  1. 5. Click Award Plan to select one or more plans. 

  1. 6. Click Grant Status to view grants by their status. 

  1. 7. Click View Report.