You can create a template in MS Word by using standard variables in grant letters for equity awards and share certificate templates. 


If there are more variables in the template, you can refer to them in the Document Editor widget.


Let’s take the sample of the Acceptance Document shown below as an example.




Let’s start by adding the Company Name in the header of this document.

  1. Open a New MS Word document.
  2. Position the cursor in the footer.
  3. Click Insert tab and then click the Quick Parts dropdown in the Text group.
  4. From the dropdown, choose Field.



5. In the displayed Fields dialog box, which you can filter the fields by clicking Categories and selecting the appropriate option.


For example, to select user name, click User Information. In the displayed list, select UserName.



6. You can then select the appropriate Field properties and click Ok.

7. Alternatively, you can type fields name in the document using syntax as shown in the Sample Variables Used in QapMap section.

8. Similarly, you can add the other fields to the Word document.