QapMap helps you manage equity including common stock, restricted stock units, bonus awards, stock appreciation rights and performance-based stock awards and how they are disbursed. 


To view the grants awarded for your organization, click Equity Awards in the menu on the left, and select Grants. By default, the organization’s Option Awards are displayed. 




Here is a description of the main Equity Awards - Grants screen.


Provides a summary of the stock options available, plans, active option holders, ESOP awards and the total ESOP trust. 


Provides the summary of stakeholders within the company. You can view the number of shares that have been awarded, vested or unvested.


The stakeholder record is a draft.

The stakeholder is Rejected.

The stakeholder is Cancelled.

The stakeholder is Disapproved.

  The stakeholder has accepted options.

 The stakeholder has some options pending acceptance (by the employee).

   The stakeholder has some options pending approval (by the company).

   The stakeholder has been terminated.

Click this to view actions that can be performed on the stakeholder award option.

Send reminder for acceptance, or reminders for approval or both.


Click this to refresh the list.


Use this to filter records that meet the specific criteria.


Click to Download the Option awards list in Microsoft Excel format.

Use this to locate specific Grant.