To add a convertible issue transaction:

  1. Click Ownership > Transactions in the left menu. By default, the Share Issuances screen is displayed.
  2. Click Convertible Issuances tab
  3. Click Add New Transaction.
  4. In the display Add New Convertible Issuance dialog box, enter the following details:




5. Type the first letter of the Stakeholder name. From the displayed list of stakeholders, select the appropriate one.


Note: If the stakeholder’s name is not displayed, please register the stakeholder first.

6. Select the relevant Convertible Class.



7. Select the Date of Issuance.

8. Select the Maturity Date

9. Select the Currency and enter the Amount Invested if the currency is different from the company’s base currency.

10. Specify the Exchange Rate if you choose a currency different from the company’s base currency. 

11. Type the Tag you would like to capture. For example, you may want to include a tag for a department, or for the grant event.

12. Click Choose File to upload Supporting Documents. Navigate to the file location, select the file, and click Open.

13. Click Save and Add New.


Note: The supporting documents may vary from company to company.