If you have reviewed you previously generated report and realised that additional changes to the underlying data are required (e.g. missing termination of employee or forfeiture transaction, or an update to the FV of awards), you are able to regenerate the report. Regeneration of reports will pick up any changes in the underlying data and overwrite the expensing reporting output.


The reports can be regenerated until they are locked. Once report is locked, it can no longer be generated, and the locked data can then be used as base (starting point) for future reporting periods.


To regenerate a report:

  1. Click Equity Awards in the menu on the left, and select Financial Reports.
  2. In the displayed list of reports, select the report you want to regenerate, click  , and select Regenerate.
  3. Please review any warnings in the confirmation message and click Download Report to access the regenerated report.