The accounting standards dictate the need for companies to recognize share-based payments expense in financial statement. If your company is granting employee and executives employee shares, options or other equity compensation instruments, QapMap has the Financial Reports module that will assist you and your Finance team in avoiding the need to work out the calculations manually in an Excel workbook. 


The module allows you to utilize the existing date of your employee grants, capture fair values for amortisation, input assumptions, capture historically recognized expense, and run report for your preferred reporting period to understand the expense that you will need to book within that timeframe, with any true ups already accounted for by the system. It also allows you to generate the movement of options and related fields required to be presented in the financial statement. 



QapMap's report has been built in line with IFRS 2 Share-based Payment requirements to allow you to generate audit-ready reports. 


To access the Financial Reports, click Equity Awards in the menu on the left, and select Financial Reports.  


By default, you will be able to view your organization’s Expense Reports. 


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