Adding a warrant class in QapMap is a simple and easy process.

Basic Details 

  1. To add a Warrant Class, click Add Security Class drop-down and select Warrants Class.




In the displayed Add Warrant Class dialog box, start by entering the Basic Details.



  1. Type the Warrant Class name.
  2. Type the Share Class Prefix by which the share class will be recognised. The code you enter here is displayed for applicable shareholders in the dashboard. You can enter a two-three letter or numeric code to keep the share class display short on the Captable.
  3. Select the appropriate Currency and corresponding Exchange Rate for the currency.
  4. Select the Board Approval Date
  5. As the last step, select the Expiration Period (in years).


Terms and Preferences

Next, you can specify the terms and preferences for the Warrant Class.


  1. Set the Exercise Price for the Warrant Class in the appropriate Currency. This is the face value of the stock value as set in the corporate charter.
  2. Next, select the Share Class which this Warrant class is associated with.


Supporting Documents

  1. You can upload supporting documents for the round by dragging and dropping the files.



Review Details

Finally, you can review all the details entered and click Create new Warrant class.