QapMap allows you to manage equity or ownership, and instruments convertible to equity raised by your company from time to time.


Using QapMap, you can view and manage the following:


Share Class

A share class is typically an equity share or a preference share. A company may decide to have more than one class of shares that have different rights and privileges. In such cases, the company may choose to identify them with alphabetic markers, such as "Class A" shares and "Class B" shares.


Convertible Class

Convertible Class are securities that allow the holder to convert the shares into common shares based on a future event. . The Agreement entered into while issuing convertible class would mention the terms and conditions for the conversion for the convertible class into share class.


Warrant Class

Warrants are a derivative that give the right, but not the obligation, to buy a share class, at a pre-determined price before expiration. This price is referred to as the exercise price.