Stakeholders are individuals or organizations that have a ‘stake’ in your company. Typically, stakeholders can be owners and shareholders, and employees of the company. 


In QapMap, you can add, delete, and edit stakeholders to reflect changes. 


You can access the Stakeholder page by clicking Stakeholders in the menu on the left. 




Here is a description of the main Stakeholder screen.



Number of Stakeholders

Displays the classification of current stakeholders into Employees, Individual Investors, and Institutional investors.


You can view the details of each type of stakeholder by clicking the Stakeholder name.


Lists the legal name of the stakeholder as registered on QapMap.


Lists the email address of the stakeholder as registered on QapMap.

Stakeholder Type

Lists the type of stakeholder it is. A stakeholder can be an individual or institution.


Displays the percentage stake the stakeholder has in the company.


Displays status of individual stakeholder, and if they active or inactive. Inactive indicates that the employee has resigned from the company.

Displays more options available:

  • View Stakeholder
  • Edit Stakeholder
  • Delete Stakeholder
  • Mark Separation

Add New Stakeholder

Displays the screen to add new stakeholders.

Allows you to download the stakeholder details as an Excel sheet.