As a founder or an investor, you may be concerned about the dilution impact of future funding rounds, or are keen to understand the impact of liquidation preferences on payouts in a hypothetical exist scenario.


QapMap allows you model various scenarios that help you obtain a clear picture of impact of future events on your company and investment. Our scenario analysis tool uses mathematical and statistical principles that allow you to consider a range of assumptions to fully understand impacts of exit events and funding rounds.


Using scenarios, you can: 

  • Analyse payout implication for each investor or by share classes in an exit scenario
  • Examine an unfavourable event or a theoretical worst-case scenario to be fully prepared for your future
  • Conduct "what if" or sensitivity analysis. A sensitivity analysis allows you to evaluate how different values of one variable can affect
  • Examine the impact a funding round can have on existing shareholders, as well prepare price and quantity calculations required for allocation of new equity to incoming investors


There are two types of Scenario analysis:

  • Waterfall analysis takes into account liquidation preferences in an exit event. This includes investment returns or capital gains among participants of a group or pooled investment.
  • The distribution waterfall defines the pecking order in which distributions are allocated to each individual or entity on the Cap Table.


To access Scenarios, click Scenarios in the menu on the left. By default, some scenarios (by stakeholders) are displayed.