A capitalization table, or Captable, summarizes the equity capitalization for your company. This table provides a detailed breakdown of a company’s equity ownership and captures instruments such as common shares, preferred shares, warrants, convertible notes etc. 


The Qapita captable helps organisations by:

  1. View all the transactions including Share Issuance and Share Transfers directly on the captable
  2. Tailor the view of your captable to suit your needs – make it as simple or as complex as you want
  3. Download the data in your preferred format and layout


In QapMap, you can follow the below process to maintain the Captable when a new round of capital is raised from angel investors, venture capital firms or any other sources. 



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Qapita allows you to view the captable in different ways:

  1. By Stakeholder - Details related to the stakeholders with their equity stake
  2. By Security Class - List capital raised by security class, such as ordinary shares or convertible notes, or warrants.
  3. As on date - Choose to see captable on a specific date or as on the selected share class.


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